"Everybody has an addiction, mine happens to be you"-Andre 3000

For an assignment in class, I am suppose to think of something I'm "addicted" to. I never thought if myself as an addict of any sort. I drink only in special occasions and I don't smoke or do any drugs, so what in the heck am I addicted to? ! Then I realized that you don't have to addicted to drugs for it to be an addiction.
I noticed that I am on Facebook like they pay me. Posting a million statuses,  being nosey, liking a million statuses, sharing,etc. So I decided to quote Facebook for a week. It's only been a day and I feel lime I need to check my Facebook. I'm literally jittering.  I didn't know that a social website can literally take over my life. It's quite sickening.  You never know you are addicted until you take the time to re-evaluate your life.

If you have an addiction, leave it as a comment under this blog. Yes, this a challenge for you to quit that addiction for at least a week. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

I am new to the natural family, so I have been researching on some good hair care products. I contacted Dianne Shaddock from Natural Hair Care News and she mentioned As I Am Coconut CoWash.

I also checked a forum about it and it was a user that mentioned that she cowashes once a week and actually washes her hair at least once a month. I guess her regimen is working because her hair looked amazing. So I decided to try this product.

As I Am Coconut CoWash is a cleansing conditioner is made with ingredients such as tangerine, coconut oil, caster oil, saw palmetto and phytosterols.

My regimen:

I section my hair into four parts. I use my spray bottle of water to wet the section and I apply the cowash. In each section I make sure I get the roots and ends thoroughly. In each section I apply condition, I detangle with a wide tooth comb. After words, I twist each section and pin it up, put a shower cap on it so I can take a shower. After my shower, I take off the cap to untwist my hair and I wash it with cold water. Then dry it off with and old t-shirt. I usually use either aphogee leave in treatment to better detangle my hair. After that I let it air dry. I also did use Blue Magic Hairfood with Wheat germ oil and Coconut oil for my scalp. I have been using Olive Oil Root Stimulator Hair Lotion lately to style my hair, product review for that coming soon.

I give this product a 5 out of 5. I can say that my hair feels very clean and moisturized. I will continue to use this product.

If you want to use this product you can find it at your local beauty supply store, Walgreens, Walmart, Family Dollar,etc. it is slightly pricey. $9-10 to be exact depending on which store you go to. You may find it at the Family Dollar for $5 or less.


Hello ladies and gents. Today I will be doing a product review on Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding. Before I researched the kind of hair texture I have, which is 3B/3C, I saw this product and decided to try it. It is designed to leave your hair soft and silky while giving your hair a bouncy defined curl. This product has ingredients such as glycerin, olive oil, mango butter, vegetable oil, argon oil, etc.

How to Use:

Apply from root to ends on clean hair, preferably just washed, and some after it dries a little to achieve a defined curl. Then you can style as usual.

I tried this product for a week and on the scale of 1 to 5, I give this product a 2. Why this low rate...well I tell you.

Pros: It smelled really good, thick, had good product ingredients, and I did have some curls like wow.

Cons: it did not leave my hair silky or soft. In fact my hair was very dry and brittle. It looked silky, but the actually silky part was sitting on top on my head so my hair was greasy yet dry. Not to mention I started to see some shedding from using it.

I will not use this product again, because my hair doesn't like it at all!


Hey ladies and gents. This is my first post on this subject...CHRISTIANITY. I am proud to say that I am part of God's body. My concern is the life after death.

My life has been an emotional rollercoaster since before I popped out my mother's womb. Abuse, craziness, separation, anger, depression, disappointments, etc have been a drastic wind in my world. My whole life I had to create a fasade of being silly instead of showing my insides. My outside is quite lively and upbeat, but my inside is everything that describes a depressed maniac.

I know that eventually my insides would kill me, but I can't die at least not yet. My family, well the family that took me in, introduced me to God at an early age and I fell in love with Him. But when I got older, worldly things did play a role in my downfalls. I was rebellious, and disrespectful. I wasn't the partying type but I was getting into bad habits. I tried cigarettes and Mary Jane to mask the stresses I had, but it was temporary. I'm a singer and when I noticed that stuff was messing up my voice, I gave it up quick. My voice is all I got to give me some freedom and I wasn't gonna kill it. Without it, I would probably kill myself as well because it wouldn't be no point of living without a God given gift.

I got back into church and to be honest, I was there but I really wasn't there. Shouting on credit ain't the best praise at all and even if they don't see, God sees everything.

In 2012, I transferred to my four year college and that first year was full of tears, disappointments and depression. I felt like a little fish in a big pond. No one cared how I felt. I would have chest pains because I worried about everything. Sometimes I would be scared to go to sleep at night, because of the fear of dying in my sleep. I would call people that I knew were night owls to keep me up at night. I wouldn't go to bed to 7am sometimes or the times I felt like it was ok to close my eyes. After that first semester I took some time to get back to my King...God. I prayed, had devotion with just me and Him, and I just remained focused on what was important. After that I was back on track until the world tries to kick in.

God I need you, I try to do right but the devil is always in my ear. My chest still aches from worrying and convictions, I ask for forgiveness. Even in my prayers I feel like you're tired of listening to me. I know that you won't leave or forsake, but it's time where I feel that You tired of helping me. I just wanna feel you the way I did as a child, how real and full you were in my heart. I try so hard to hear you, but sometimes I think your mouth is silent for me because of things I've done. Lord hear my call please. I falll short of what you created me to be, renew me to be who I am suppose to be and not what I am now



Hello everyone. On one of my previous blogs I spoke about an old love interest that wanted to get back into my life. In my thought process, I was debating on should I play the same record, choose another song, or just turn the radio off altogether. To be honest I turned the radio off? I decided to focus on family and school and, of course, my relationship with God. I wasn't thinking about getting in another relationship, but it doesn't hurt to pray for a good man every now and then to make sure that the next one ain't a dang fool.

In the midst of choosing which emotional road I wanted to go down, I started to reminisce on how him and I use to be, before ish hit the fan. We were good, but to be honest, I couldn't see myself with him forever like I thought I did. I believe it was best that we parted ways or else that song would have been banned from all music stations.

When I let it go I felt free from the stress and worry. On the other hand, it was this guy that caught my eye and I caught his. We began to text and talk. One day we met up after my class and we talked. I asked him what did he want to gain based on this meeting. I know I can be straight forward, but sometimes that's the best way to be and besides my butt is too old for games with anybody; I got things to do lol. Well, he let me know that he wanted to build a relationship with me and yes bloggers I wanted the same from him. That was almost a month ago and I still like him, no disappointments, we are good! However, we are still in puppy love stage of a relationship where you think about each other day and night and then you text/call all through the day. But after a while the song starts to get old.

To be honest, I'm really feeling him and I don't want the song to ever get old. I want it to be OUR song for a long time.

I got a bad case of the Tee Bug ;)


I was about to start reading a book for one of my classes and the phone rings. My mother gives me the phone and behold, it's the ex boyfriend on the other end.

Our reason for breaking up is enough for another blog, so I will keep it simple for the readers. To make a long story short, he had some issues that I couldn't help him with. My aunt always say "You can't help anyone that don't wanna help themselves". So I let it go, cut him off in all aspects. I decided to focus on what was more important God, family, and getting this darn degree.

Well, he called me today and saying he was managing his issues and that he was checking up on me. Now let's be real, majority of exes want to "check up on you" to see if you've moved on. To be honest, I have moved on but not to anyone else, just focusing on what's important.

Of course he gave me the "I love you" and "I miss you" and all that good stuff. Those phrases made me feel loved and disgusted at the same time. I didn't know that you could feel those emotions like that. I guess it's how music is, fans may listen to the same song over and over and love it at first; but as time progress and they hear that same dang song, it starts getting on their nerves. The emotional radio begins to play it too much and makes you wanna change the station.

From an emotional standpoint, I can say I still have love for him, but I'm questioning if I should journey back in love with him. Will it be different or will it be déjà vu?

Should I do a remix on this relationship or just leave that love song alone and delete it out my emotional iPod?!


Since I just started transition, I decided to try some products that I heard good things about. Today after washing my hair with Pantene Pro-V Classic (all hair types) Shampoo+Conditioner, I used Eden Bodyworks All Natural Deep Conditioner. This product is made with oils such as coconut, seed, and jojoba manoi. I did as the directions stated on the product, used some Shea butter on my scalp and a little water.

The results: well my hair feels amazing. I give this product 5 stars. I gave it that rating because my hair was smooth and shiny. Not to mention, it really helped my scalp in the part where it is really tender from new growth coming in. You can find it at your local Walmart or beauty supply story. Don't worry ladies and gents it is less than $10.

This photo was brought to you by google images


Today is the day I start a journey that I thought I would never experience. For years I was an addict tI what we all know as "hair crack", but like those drug counselors say 'If a person is gonna quit, then they would have to have the desire to."

I have been using relaxer in my hair about 13 years and for at least three years I been thinking about going natural. I was dumb to the process when I saw a lot of people doing the "big chop" when going natural and my decision went from "yeah sure" to" h@$ll no" lol. But I looked at YouTube and got educated and saw that I could transition my hair. Well ladies and gents this is day 1.

I told my aunt about going natural and she thought I was doing it because of someone else. News flash!!!! My decisions are not influenced by others.

My reason for doing it is because I was tired of the addiction. It's like I would get a relaxer maybe 3-4 times a year and in the times I got them, my hair would itch like I was fiending for it. Not to mention, I started to hate how my hair was turning out. It was too straight. I missed MY HAIR. The hair that I had before relaxing it. My waves, natural curls, and body of it. I think it is time for the change even if I don't get a lot of support. I doing this for MY HAIR and not the hair that I thought it should be but the hair that was born to be. I was born Naturally beautiful, not processed.

For day 1 I used Motions Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil, Shine n Jam Conditioningl Gel, and water